Territorial regulations​ of “RAKARI” resort


  1. Rules listed below are in effect within the whole territory of the resort, and they are binding upon all visitors of the resort;
  2. For violation of these rules or ignoring the requirements of the responsible personnel of the resort, the visitors shall be obliged to leave the territory of the resort immediately. Compensation for unused time in this case shall not be paid;
  3. To register at administration building before the visit;
  4. Do not stay in recreation areas of other guests;
  5. The pool can only be used by prior appointment. Each person is responsible for his/her own ability to swim. Parents, custodians or guardians are responsible for their children’s ability to swim;
  6. SIA “GrantiniCamp” is not liable for any harm to person’s health, body or property (or person’s death), which has occurred as a result of negligent action of this person;
  7. It is prohibited to bring animals in the resort without approval from the responsible personnel of the resort. Animal must be kept on leash, as well as the pet waste must be collected;
  8. It is prohibited to pollute the resort. Garbage is allowed to be disposed only at especially allocated places;
  9. Minors under the age of 10 are allowed to stay only under supervision of adults;
  10. Each visitor is responsible for taking care and safety of his/her own belongings (including motor vehicle);
  11. The resort is not liable for loss, theft and damage of visitors’ personal belongings;
  12. It is allowed to smoke only at designated places without bothering other visitors. The cigarette butts must be dropped only at designated places;
  13. It is prohibited to burn any type of candles without approval from the responsible person;
  14. The client is responsible to collect within 10 (ten) days the belongings which he/she has forgot. If the client has not collected his/her belongings or has not agreed on another time-limit for collection, the resort employee has the right to dispose of the belongings.
  15. Using SUB boards, the client is obliged to observe and sign for observing the safety measures;
  16. Not to allow fire occurrence or actions which would cause fire (smoking in rooms, use/leave rooms with open fire, use damaged electric devices etc.);
  17. It is prohibited to clean, wash any type of vehicle;
  18. To handle carefully the furniture, inventory, equipment, electric devices and other belongings etc. , which are located in the territory of the resort;
  19. The guest undertakes to observe the peace of the night after 23:00;
  20. To park the motor vehicles in the areas allocated for this purpose;
  21. It is prohibited to organize events without approval from the administration of the resort;
  22. It is prohibited to place, hang, install etc… signs, posters, poles, decorations, flags, balloons etc…, without approval from the administration of the resort;
  23. It is prohibited to use firecrackers;
  24. It is prohibited to use fireworks, firecrackers and other type of pyrotechnics;
  25. It is prohibited to perform any arbitrary actions and act at their own discretion;
  26. It is prohibited to be entirely nude without clothes in the territory;
  27. It is prohibited to bring in visitor’s own food into restaurant and restaurant terrace;
  28. The client, who is under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicant, must leave the resort;
  29. It is prohibited to feed swans, ducks and birds;

  30. To assume full material liability for damage of SIA inventory, which occurred due to fault and/or negligence of the Client or third persons dependent on him/her (including animals), to observe the fire safety requirements, rules of internal order and the territory regulations. If any damage to SIA inventory has occurred, to reimburse the losses within 3 (three) days upon drawing up the damage report and issuance of invoice to the Client by SIA.

Resort “Rakari” SIA “GrantiniCamp” Legal address: Jelgava municipality, Svete parish, “Grantini 1” Reg.No. 40003706302 Telephone: +371 26664447, e-mail: reservation@rakariresort.lv

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