Acquaint yourself with the list of equipment, inventory.

  1. Check-in time from 15:00 and check-out time until 12:00.
  2. If the reservation of accommodation is made through our home page or by contacting us, the advance payment of 100% should be made;
  3. The advance payment is not refunded if reservation is cancelled. If reservation is cancelled at least one week before the day of arrival, the advance payment is still valid and another reservation date is offered;
  4. If the client has an discount, it should be registered or presented before making the payment;
  5. If the stay is 3 our more nights, a 15% discount shall be applied for each consecutive night and if stay is 5 our more nights, a 25% discount shall be applied for each consecutive night. The discounts do not sum up with the other discounts;
  6. Only registered guests can stay in the cottages and guest house rooms, and registered cars can be parked onsite.
  7. Handle furniture, equipment and inventory carefully.
  8. If damage to electrical appliances or equipment is discovered during use in guest house rooms and cottages, report as soon as possible to the resort administration.
  9. In case of lost guest house room or cottage key– penalty fee of 20.00 EUR
  10. Throw away trash in designated places.
  11. When staying in the cottages, the grill can only be used outdoors and on terrace – at a safe distance from the cottage.
  12. When staying in the cottages, fire can only be lit in the designated place by prior approval of the administration.
  13. It is prohibited to clean, wash any type of motor vehicles in the resort territory.
  14. When staying in the guest house room or cottage, the guest undertakes to observe the peace of night after 23:00.
  15. It is strictly prohibited to smoke in the living rooms of the cottage, otherwise the administration is entitled to charge a penalty fee of 00 EUR
  16. The resort is not liable for any harm to person’s health, body or property which was caused due to negligent action of this person.
  17. Each visitor is responsible for taking care and safety of his/her own belongings (including motor vehicle). The resort is not liable for loss, theft and damage of the visitors’ personal belongings, including theft of motor vehicle.
  18. For violation of these rules or ignoring the requirements of the responsible personnel of the resort, the visitor must vacate the cottage, as well as to leave the territory.
  19. In this case compensation for unused time shall not be paid.
  20. The resort personnel at their discretion and additional explanations reserve the right to allow or prohibit the relevant visitors to stay in the guest house room, cottage or the territory of the resort.
  21. All disagreements shall be resolved through negotiations, but if an agreement is not reached – in court, in accordance with the procedure set out in the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia.
  22. If you have any questions, concerns or comments, you can call the resort administration on phone number 26664447

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